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We are in the process of compiling background material to complete a history of the home and its former occupants. We would appreciate assistance in locating old photos and other historical data about the home and its occupants from descendants of the many persons who have called Seven Gables home, whether as owner or occupant.


Please contact Ralph and Pamela Krainik, 215 6th St., Baraboo, Wisconsin, 53913 or email rbkrainik@mac.com



Following is a partial list of former owners and/or occupants:
Terrell Thomas (1826-1888), Owner 1860-1888
Sarah (Sally) Williams Thomas (1829-1926), Owner 1860-1911
Hannah Thomas Ritchie (1858-1949), daughter of Terrell and Sarah Thomas
Thomas Corwin Thomas, Brother of Terrell Resided 1860
Bridget Welch, Domestic 1860
Jane Welch, Domestic 1860
Major Charles H. Williams, b. 1818 Tenant and Brother of Sarah Williams Thomas
      (resided at 7G from 12-21-1893 till his death October,1908),
Barbara Greenwood, Teacher, Tenant 1896
Mittie Brownlee,Teacher, Tenant 1896
Kittie Bartlett, Teacher, Tenant 1896
Harriet Richardson, Teacher, Tenant1896
Carrie Ritzenthaler, Domestic, 1896
Anna Connor, Domestic, 1870
Viva Warren, Domestic, 1870
James Jenkins, Laborer, 1870
Anna Chaplain, Niece of Terrell Thomas, 1880
Minnie Brebe, Domestic 1880
Lloyd Skinner, Tenant 1889
W.G. LaRue, Tenant 1906
Florence Buck, Teacher, Tenant 1906
Mrs. Mary House, Tenant 1906
M.E. Spring, Tenant 1891
Dr. Cramer, Tenant 1901
Micajah T. Williams, son of Major Williams lives here to care for his father 1908
Mrs. McWilliams of LaValle lives here to help care for Major Williams 1908
Stanley, May, Paul R. & George Kenyon. Tenants 1910
Frank Perry & Sarah Perry, Tenants 1910
Father John T. Durward, Owner August 7, 1911-1918
Mary Thecla Durward
Kathryn, Mary & Marcella Siberz. Tenants 1920
Nick, Rosetta, Eulalia, Norman and Veronica Annan Tenants 1920
Judge Henry J. Bohn, Clara (Wurst) Bohn (d. 1955), owners July 29, 1921-1962
Joanne (Bohn) Roningen, Carol (Bohn) Hulterstrum, Portia Bohn
Dr. Edward McGrath, Tenant 1930
Carl Rahn, Emily Wurst;
Robin & Ruth Johnston. Tenant 1930
Ed Flanders, born in house 1918-1921?
Walter & Pauline Stephano, Owners 1962-1966
Ralph & Pamela (Wolcott) Krainik, Children Marnie & Andre, Owners Since 1966
Merlin & Phyllis Pafford, Tenants 1966-1970
Andy & Sandy Haskins, Tenants 1970’s
David Zirzow, Tenant 1970’s
Dolores Martin, Tenant, 1970’s
Harry & Leah Wolcott, Parents of Pamela W. Krainik, Resided Here 2000 to 2006

Following is a partial list of descendants and/or relatives of owners/occupants:
Micajah T. Williams, d. 1844 Cincinnati, Ohio, Father of Sarah Williams Thomas
Attorney Samuel M. Williams, of Milwaukee, Son of Major C.H. Williams
Charles H. Williams of Fennimore and Janesville, Wis., Son of Major C.H. Williams
Micajah T. Williams, Jr. of Milwaukee, Son of Major C.H. Williams
Oscar Doppler and Florence Williams Doppler of Baraboo, Wis.
Thomas Corwin Thomas (d. 1891) Pomona, Cal., brother of Terrell Thomas
William B. Thomas (d. 1900), Chippewa Falls, Wis, brother of Terrell
Sarah Clark Thomas Williams (d. 1892), wife of Major C.H. Williams and
     sister to Terrell Thomas
Granville Sharp Williams, b. 1820, Cincinnati, Brother of Sarah Williams Thomas
Elizabeth Williams Perry, Cincinnati; 1823-1914, Sister of Sarah William Thomas,
    married Aaron F. Perry March 15, 1843 at Hamilton, Ohio
Alfred K. Williams, b. 1826, Cincinnati, Brother of Sarah Williams Thomas
    res. Milwaukee & Sauk County, Wis. & Washington, Kansas
George F. Williams, b. 1833 Cincinnati,
     Brother of Sarah Williams Thomas, res. Milwaukee;
John Edward Williams, b. 1835, Cincinnati,
     Brother of Sarah Williams Thomas, res. Madison, Wis.
Helene Ritchie Reinhardt, Daughter of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Robert Welles Ritchie, Son of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Thomas N. Ritchie, Son of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Mrs. John Ritchie McGrath, (Mary Lyle Ritchie?)
Mrs. Joseph E. Ritchie Jacobson (Margaret E. Ritchie?)
Harold H. Newson, Grandson of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Thomas Ritchie Newson, Grandson of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Margaret Peggy Newson Edwards, res. 2709 Golden Rain Rd. #11,
     Walnut Creek, CA, 2006-2008, Granddaughter of Hannah Thomas Ritchie
Mark V (U?) Edwards, Karl Edwards, William H. Edwards, Robert Edwards,
     Sons of Margaret Newson Edwards
G.H. Bacon and Belle Thomas Bacon
Margaret Ritchie Read
Mary L. Ritchie
Mrs. W.W. Dunn, Baraboo
Margaret Thomas Chaplain, Sister of Terrell Thomas
Moses Chaplain
Mary Thecla Durward Sister of John T. Durward
Mary Meade, Housekeeper for Father Durward
James Durward, St. James, MN., brother of John T. Durward
Wilfred J. Durward (Dorward) Baraboo, brother of John T. Durward
Andrew Durward, Olympia, WA., brother of John T. Durward
Linus C. Durward, Olympia, WA., nephew of John T. Durward
Clara Durward Lentz, Centralia, WA., niece of John T. Durward


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